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The Adventures of Bullvye, Falias, Tayosis, Cecil, and whatever character Kyle is going to get killed this week…continued!

So how to start this off.
The Not Directly Game Related Bits
Lets put it into perspective, we started these characters back before I left for college. I want to say it was my senior year in high school. I’m now 28 years old, and while we haven’t played them consistently over the past 10 years, these are some of our favorite characters that we pick up from time to time. We toss together a game, or attempt to start a new campaign that fizzles out due to conflicting schedules after a few short sessions.

So we started playing consistently again around Aug-Sept of 2010. A Thursday night game that has gone off almost flawlessly over the last ~5 months. At one point, on the drive home from that game…Aaron, Cam, and Noah decided to elect me to pick up the high level game and run it again.

When I was informed…I was overcome by emotions. Honor, joy, excitement, and loathing. You see, we never finish my campaigns. I can’t write a one shot to save my life. My mind starts working on an angle, and plots begin to expand in 4 directions with twists and turns that would make a ballerina dizzy(I promise not to fill this with awful analogies). But I started writing, and when I found out that my guys were committed to actually playing…we began. Every other Friday night was the goal, and so far we’ve managed for 2 months. (We even filled in a midweek game for the holiday…which was amazing!)

So anyways, I’m going to try to keep a log of how things are going…because I must say I’m ecstatic with the storylines I’ve developed. I can’t wait for them to play out…or for my players to quit showing up so that I can just tell them what’s going on!

Thanks for the interest.


After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there. (Leaving this in…it may prove useful at some point.)

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